Shrubs For Shade

Five Ideal Shrubs for Shade


Finding attractive shrubs for shade heavy areas doesn’t have to be a chore. Granted, a lot of the impressive and exotic plants around require full sunlight or partial shade, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the shady areas in your garden look more appealing. There are quite a few easy to find shrubs, flowers, and ground cover plants that can you can use to spruce up the hard-to-fill shaded parts of your yard.


Take a look at the following list of five ideal shrubs for shade:




Although hosta plants may not be considered a true shrub, many varieties of hosta can provide the same look and purpose as a traditional shrub. Hosta is an herby perennial that generally features wide, clean cut leaves of all colors and sizes. The size of the leaves and overall plant depend on the species, the smallest having a leaf width around an inch and the largest sporting leaves up to a foot wide. They can also be anywhere from an inch to a foot and a half in length. Most hosta plants are some shade of green, possibly accented with yellow. A few varieties, however, appear as a ghostly blue-gray color. Hostas are often chosen as ground cover, although they are quite welcoming and tidy in appearance. If you like the idea of a bunch of very prim and organized leaves, you might consider looking into the hosta variety. Hostas are an easy plant to care for because they require very little help on your part unless you live in an area that is prone to drought. They are also disease resistant.


Holly Bush


Although a holly bush may not be your first thought when it comes to shrubs for shade areas, but you can guarantee that this traditional winter bush can make a terrific year round addition to the partially-shaded portion of your garden. Holly has a very textured appearance with glossy emerald leaves that are sharp and jagged in appearance. They also sport bright red berries that add a wonderful burst of color in the winter. Holly isn’t just great for winter greenery, though. It can also serve as a wonderful green backdrop for your exotic or perky summer plants. Holly is a terrific border bush, but would also do well in a corner location with partial shade. A holly bush is generally pretty easy to take care of and doesn’t require manual watering unless your garden has experienced a drought, in which case you would need to give it a few inches of water each week until the drought passes. You will, however, need to trim back your holly bush once in a while to ensure that it doesn’t become scraggly and out of control. Otherwise, this can be a very clean cut and exciting shrub for a partial-shade area.




Honeysuckle is a well known summer shrub that will not only add a bit of a cottage-esque feel to your garden, but will also sweeten the air with a welcoming floral scent. Honeysuckle shrubs can spread quickly if you don’t keep them in check, but otherwise they are quite pretty. The dainty white and yellow flowers are somewhat exotic in appearance but they have a strong, sweet scent that you’re sure to love!




A perky hydrangea bush serve as a beautiful focal point in a lightly shaded place. Although hydrangeas may not be the best shrubs for shade areas that receive NO sunlight, they are a good choice for areas that get a bit of morning sun and mostly afternoon shade. Hydrangeas can grow to be extremely large or a couple of feet high, depending mostly on the type of hydrangea and how often you prune the bush. Hydrangeas come in a variety of colors including white, pink, purple, and blue. The color and the hue of the flowers can actually be determined by the acidity of the soil that the bush is planted in. For instance, you could turn a pink hydrangea bush into a blue one by adding aluminum to the soil. Transplanting a hydrangea bush to a new location can also cause a color change in the flowers next season. The bush itself is pretty standard with large green leaves; however, the flowers are very interesting! Hydrangeas produce “heads” or large round orbs that are basically a cluster of tons of small flowers. Hydrangeas are great shrubs for shade areas that get just a few hours of sunlight, although they can do well in full sunlight also. They are easy to take care of and do not have to be pruned, although they do appear tidier if they are pruned regularly.




The Azalea shrub is a beautiful plant that produces flowers with an exotic-like appearance. The azalea flower typically has five petals with beautiful dark streaks toward the center of the flower. The size of the flowers produced usually depends on the type of azalea that is planted, as does the height and spread. Azalea bushes do very well in areas that don’t get a lot of direct sunlight. They can even handle being planted under a tree with filtered sunlight. This a great year round shrub where you can enjoy its beautiful flowers in the spring and gorgeous green leaves throughout the spring and autumn. Some azalea bushes even retain their green leaves throughout the winter months. Azaleas do not typically require pruning unless the bush is thriving so much that it becomes a little scraggly. In this case, simply trim the bush back a bit as desired.